Keeping up with your company's website sounds simple in theory. You simply turn it on and you are among the masses of websites generating traffic and looking pretty. This could not be farther from the truth. Your website needs to be constantly tested, edited, updated, and kept fresh to be relevant. You need to keep your customer's online experience consistent with your customer's brick-and-mortar experience.

The only way to do this is to take the time to use your website the same way your customers do everyday. The biggest problem with this approach, besides finding time, is that you and your co-workers are so familiar with the site that you do not see the flaws. It is the same idea as driving to work the same way everyday and never noticing anything different.  

All of the items highlighted in my summary made me scratch my head how we did not catch them. Fixed them in a week. Now we all look at our site from a whole new angle. Very grateful.
— Thom Jones, CEO; Building Materials Manufacturer


  • Assess- individual page review, testing of embedded functions
  • Breakdown- pro's and con's of functionality
  • Analyze- performance, sales and marketing, social media, analytics
  • Recommend- improvements, software, efficiency, processes
  • Comps- compare site to top industry and main competitor's sites
  • Compile- deliver a comprehensive e-summary of findings

We also assess color schemes, typos, fluidity, order processing, email responses, social media activity, device compatibility, and ease of use among other checklist items.  We deliver a thorough summary of action items and recommendations to help you keep relevant in an ever changing online world.



Web Fresh 2.0

          A Fresh Set of Expert Eyes                       to Assess and Analyze            Your Online Presence

We have completed over 480 Web Fresh assessments for 217 different companies since 2012. We have viewed and compared over 10,000 unique web pages. We have located our lion's share of oversights that can cost companies $1000's of dollars each year. Our job is to find these oversights that are hiding in plain sight before your customers do to avoid a negative impression of your company. 


Web Fresh 2.0 is a small investment in your largest asset, your customer's first and ongoing impression of your company, your products, and your service.

We have greatly improved our social media capabilities and have engaged with our customers much more frequently following Carolynn’s recommendations and ongoing support. Worth every penny. We thank you plenty.
— Theo McCallister, Owner; Building Products Distributor
We went from selling very few products online with a “below average” site to having over 50% of our orders now processed online. We now have a focused online sales channel and an obvious increase in our bottom line. Web Fresh is our bi-annual online checkup.
— Trisha Hamm-Braddock, President; Building Supplies Dealer


75% polled assume if a company's website has typos or outdated blog/social media posts then customer service is not a priority.

Web Fresh 2.0

Take action now so we can begin to find any errors or oversights you may be having with your website before one of your customers tells you first.  Call or email today and we can begin to assess your current website.                      919-414-6175