Promote Specialty Items Online

Your customers are all relying on their mobile phones to locate and research products. They no longer rely on a 8x10 paper flyer with your monthly specials on it.  By adding an online sales channel dedicated to specialty products your customers will be able to easily access your online weekly or monthly specials to see the latest and greatest deals you are offering and make purchases.  And think of all of the money you will save on printing costs.


Add A Specialty Products Online Sales Channel to Your Existing Website

Our specialty platform allows you to create an online, dedicated sales channel for aging inventory, closeouts, monthly specials, non-stocking items, and specialty products.  Our specialty product solutions create a space for products that may need special attention or products that you may want to move quickly and allows you to add and delete items as needed.  By password protecting access, you can create urgency and curiosity with your contractors and customers and use it as a monthly sales tool to move specialty items quickly.




How Do You Currently Promote:

  • Aging Inventory 

  • Monthly Specials 

  • Closeouts 

  • Specialty Items

  • Non-stocking Item


If you answered weekly flyer or PDF catalog, it may be time for a change.

With our Specialty Products Online Sales Channel we will help you promote and sell those items you want to move quickly.

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