Looking for a Cool Tool or Gadget for Your Fav Contractor? (a.k.a. yourself)

We found some awesome gifts for that hammer swinging, brick laying, dirt moving person in your life. Albeit, building supplies and materials are not the sexiest of things to shop for but I like a good challenge and I enjoy shopping online even better.


I find it interesting how many people ask me to find building products for them online. And I'm speaking of folks who own multiple building supply locations or are VP’s at $100 million dollar manufacturers. To their point, 1.) I am in e-commerce, and 2.) I only deal with building products and supplies, so I give them credit for going directly to someone that better be able to find them what they are looking for online.  

So if you are looking for a few good “gadgets”, tools, or necessities for someone in construction, outside of the standard hammer and saw,  I will share a few interesting ones with you that I found recently.  And for the record, I have no vested interest in these products nor are any of them a client of mine. It’s just cool stuff.


Rak Magnetic Wristband by Rak Pro Tools, $14.99 – it has 10 magnets imbedded in the band so it can hold a bunch of nails, screws, bits, etc., on your wrist while you are working. Super time saver. It was one of those things that you wouldn’t think you need until you have one, now I am one of those people. Just be careful walking past anything metal while you wear it, the magnets are super strong and you may involuntarily punch a pipe.

Pencilman Tape Measure by Smithworks, $29.95 – Allows you to multi-task by measuring and marking with one hand.  It is ambidextrous to accommodate “wrong-handed” folks and with a small built-in clamp it can hold a pencil, Sharpie, or a pen while you measure.  It can also draw arcs, circles, as well as edge slide and end to end markings.  Handy, yes.  Cool, yes.


Removable Truck Bed Tie Down Anchors by Lee Valley, $ 9.95 – Instead of being installed permanently in the bed of your truck, these anchors can be set-up for one job and moved or taken down for the next haul.  They should accommodate most railing sizes in pickup trucks and utility trailers.  It is zinc-plated to tighten securely and lay flush, yet it won’t scratch or dent the railings.  I know how some of you treat your trucks, no worries, this won’t hurt your other child named “F-150”.  Super durable and convenient. 


Heavyweight Cool Max Work Boot Socks by Duluth Trading, $14.95 – Yes, I am drawn to Duluth Trading because of their commercials.  The one with the nice, rugged gentleman swinging with relief and pure joy on the pole will make me laugh every, single, time.  However, great company, highly rated products and who doesn’t like a really, really good pair of work socks when you are on your feet all day, in all kinds of conditions. I do not own a pair but I am giving a few pairs this holiday because, to sum it up, sweaty feet are gross.

I hope this gives you a few good construction related gift ideas for that hard working person you admire in your life, even if that person is YOU, treat yourself!  If I stumble upon a few more this week I will be sure to spread the word.  Happiest of holidays to you and yours.