Building Supply Online Services Launches New BSOS 2.0

New Pro Online Ordering Platform and E-Comm Sales Training Added to Already Robust Portfolio 

Raleigh, NC- October 6, 2016-  With the standard supply chain being disrupted by e-commerce causing manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and retailers to rethink the traditional supply model, Building Supply Online Services offers the support the industry has needed in order to continue to transition into technology.

"Our industry, building products and construction materials, is such an integral part of our economy", says Carolynn Pitcher Brescka, Founder and Lead Strategic Online Sales Channel Consultant.  "Like any other industry, it is has been through its share of mergers, slow downs, and booms.  It is a proud industry and an industry that endures yet it is slow to adapt to change and slow to embrace technology. We saw the need for us to fill the void of 'industry insider' that helps breakdown the technology barrier and create services that speak to all of us and target specific online sales needs for the building products and construction materials industry."

Building Supply Online Services, provider of niche online sales channel services for the building products sector, has just launched the new BSOS 2.0 website adding two new services to enhance online sales and ordering. With the addition of a new Pro Online Ordering System and New Sales Channel Training, Building Supply Online Services offers guidance and services to help your company wherever they may be on the road to adding online ordering and e-commerce. 

You can reach Carolynn at: