Why Such A Big Gap Between Technology and the Building Products Sector?

Originally posted August 4, 2016 LinkedIn

So I ask, what is the hesitancy towards e-commerce and technology within the building products industry?


Out of 550 building product material manufacturers, distributors and suppliers polled:

  • 70% have begun implementing internet-based technology across their supply chain
  • 48% still rely mostly on traditional methods of communication like phone, fax, and email to connect with their supply chain partners

With other industries thriving in e-commerce and technology, the building material industry continues to lag behind. A large percentage of BPM’s, suppliers, wholesalers and distributors feel that they don’t need additional technology or e-commerce because they don’t sell direct to consumer.  That is the great misconception.  Your “consumer” is your customer which means it could be a contractor, a wholesaler, a distributor, a supplier, a dealer, a……. fill in the blank. “Customer” is no longer translated as John and Liz do-it-yourselfer down the street.  Besides lowering your cost of sale, technology and e-commerce also improves your overall sales processes, drives home your marketing message, and marries your online and offline presence. With so many other industries thriving in this sector, what do we think the missing link may be?