E-Comm Simplified, I Mean Reeeally Simplified

Age Old Question

Three Main Parts Makeup The Guts of an E-Commerce Site

Storefront: This is the online visual design of your site created to market and highlight your products.

Shopping Cart: Gives your customers the ability to choose products, add them to an “invisible shopping cart”, and place the order.

Payment Gateway: Securely completes the transaction by processing the online payment. E-commerce is not as complicated or costly as it is perceived.  If you don’t have the budget or time to staff and create an e-commerce department, third-party partnering is a great solution.  By using an e-comm third-party partner, you get a managed, turn-key, branded e-commerce site without having to add additional head count.  If you need some e-commerce guidance or have any questions that I can answer for you, I am more than happy to help.

Bio and Head

Carolynn Pitcher Brescka is the founder of Building Supply Online Services. Carolynn has long been an e-commerce advocate and consultant within the building products industry working with many manufacturers, suppliers and distributors helping them realize their online potential.  By designing and implementing custom e-commerce solutions for her clients, Carolynn’s goal is to help companies within the building products sector grow their online business and help them capitalize on this high-growth sales channel.  She can be reached at carolynn@buildingsupplyonlineservices.com