For Contractors and Builders Buying Online is a Competitive Edge. For Suppliers, Dealers, and Manufacturers, E-Commerce is a Competitive Necessity.

August-Bradshaw-at-parts-counter-LG Contractors and builders understand the importance of immediate availability and location of supplies. Their loyalty leans more towards online product availability versus the good old days of showing up at the local building supply shop at 7am , sharing bad coffee for an hour, then loading up a pickup truck. Read about some changes you can make in your brick-and-mortar to help you stay competitive.

Changes Brick and Mortar Stores Must Make

Bio and Head

Carolynn Pitcher Brescka is the founder of Building Supply Online Services. Carolynn has long been an e-commerce advocate and consultant within the building products industry working with many manufacturers, suppliers and distributors helping them realize their online potential.  By designing and implementing custom e-commerce solutions for her clients, Carolynn’s goal is to help companies within the building products sector grow their online business and help them capitalize on this high-growth sales channel.  She can be reached at